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Makers Among Us

Fall 2020 Exhibition at the Sandy Spring Museum

Makers Among Us features the work of young, emerging visual artists living in the Washington, DC metro area. The exhibit highlights the freedom, imperfections, creativity, and unique perspectives of artists who are just beginning their artistic careers, and who do not necessarily have years of experience and formal training under their belts.  Makers Among Us provides a platform for contemporary artists who have had limited opportunities to share their work with the public and a space for audiences to discover new talent and perspectives.

The exhibit is curated by Gabi Mendick and features works by Connor Czora, Hannah Becker, Dew Charmant, Mariah Gugel, Grace Roach, Daria Parsa, Naja Elon Webb, and Gabi Mendick.

As featured in Montgomery Magazine, The Greater Olney News, My MC Media

There’s Something Happening Here

2017 Documentary

In basements, backrooms, corners and classrooms, musicians across Boston are strumming, dreaming, humming, and yawning. Playing gigs in clubs and bars most nights a week and going to see their friends play around town on their nights off. To say the least, musicians don’t have it easy. But they don’t mind. As musician and artistic director of the American Roots Music Program at Berklee, Matt Glaser puts it, “I’d rather eat just cheap spaghetti for the rest of my life if I could play the fiddle, as opposed to work in a bank and eat fancy food; I don’t need to do that. My mental health is related to playing music and living in the world of music.”

There’s Something Happening Here is the story of a community, a story of musicians- where they came from, where they are going, and all of the passionate people- be it bookers, radio show hosts, listeners or teachers- the people who make it happen. This film is a hymn to the brilliant roots music being created and supported around Boston and to all those who root for art, creativity and community during the best and hardest times.

Featuring music and more from Ian Fitzgerald, Honeysuckle, Rosemere Road, Lula Wiles, Sub Rosa Retreat and Session Americana. And much much more from many many more musicians and supporters of music.

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